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Cavers’ greetings, DRP


Although we are an association of cavers and our domain is the dark underworld where no sunbeam can protrude, our club was formed on a bright sunny day of 1997. Actually this was the year when the statute of the association was passed, the activity of its members had begun about three years earlier and in 1998 we became part of the Speleological association of Slovenia.

Društvo za Raziskovanje Podzemlja Škofja Loka (an Association for Exploring the Underworld) – short DRP Škofja Loka – was founded on the incentive of some adventurous people, eager to explore and discover the beauties of the world below. With the knowledge we got through various courses, trainings and active exploration, we also gained a ticket for the deeper, more demanding and also more beautiful caves not easily admitted. Alongside of the profesional expertise, the association also grew larger in numbers. Our »territories« widened from the hills of Škofja Loka to all directions and especially to the »Mecca of cavers«, plateau Jelovica and the area between Ratitovec and Soriška planina.

We added a few caves to the caving cadastral of Kamnik and Savinja Alps and Kanin, but we remain the most active in Škofjeloška region.

Why caves, mud, darkness? … are frequently asked questions. They are not easy to explain, especially not to someone who has not (yet) experienced a part of all that. They say: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This is also true for the quiet view of a cave in the light of an acetylene lamp, somewhere in the midst of dark below the world we know. Some will return for the beauty of it, some to experience the unknown, others simply to enjoy in good company.

We use the techniques we learned while caving also on the surface. When the weather is nice, we sometimes find ourselves in the heights of mountains, sometimes climbing rock walls under the peaks, restlessly enjoying the beauties they offer. As nature’s lovers we like to set up a summer camp or a winter bivouac in the middle of the unfrequented forests, where we explore the surroundings, searching for undiscovered caves. In warmer days we like to cool by the rivers while canyoning.


DRP Škofja Loka
Sv. Duh 271
SI-4220 Škofja Loka

Mobile: +386 51 244 244 (Walter)
email: info@drp-drustvo.si